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We are not:

  • – Popcorn Ceiling Repair service
  • – Textured Ceiling Removal service
  • – Ceiling Repair or Removal tool supplier
  • – acoustical ceiling removal service
  • – painting popcorn ceiling contractor
  • – popcorn ceiling scraper

We are highly experienced at dealing with popcorn ceilings and the issues they might cause. We provide a range of stretch ceiling products that help you cover the ceiling in your room from end to end, ensuring a better appearance and a smoother surface. However, there are some misconceptions about what we do, not our fault of course, but we do feel it is important to clarify them.



  • A popcorn ceiling repair service. We only cover the ceilings for you with our mainstay premium textiles.
  • A textured ceiling removal service. We know the hassle involved in removing textured ceilings and we help you cover them with smooth fabric.
  • A ceiling repair or removal tool supplier. We only provide the fabrics you need for covering the ceiling.
  • Acoustical ceiling removal service. In fact, we believe good acoustics are a benefit of popcorn ceilings and we enable you to enjoy the benefit by covering the ceiling with stretch fabrics.
  • A painting popcorn ceiling contractor. We do not paint popcorn ceilings.
  • A popcorn ceiling scraper. We do not offer scraping services of any kind.

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  • 727 Commercial Ave, Unit H
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  • Phone: +1(201) 691 7271
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Who does the installation? – You will be connected with your local ceiling expert (a licensed and insured contractor). They are the ones who will give you the final quote before the installation.

How long does it take it to install and what is the lead time? – On average, it takes between 1-2 days to install up to 300 SF. 2-4 days to install up to 1000 SF. All materials are available for immediate delivery, except custom colors and custom printed graphics.

Will the fabric ceiling sag overtime? – NO. They hold tension and WILL NOT SAG over time.

What’s the warranty? – There is a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

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