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We offer you an innovative solution to your ceiling problems.

Do you live in Vancouver, BC and are you looking for a way to get rid of the popcorn ceiling or solve another ceiling problem, such as leveling or lack of lighting?

The two most popular ways to do this have been scraping the ceiling or covering it with drywall. There are issues and limitations to both of these methods. Scraping popcorn ceilings containing asbestos can cause deadly cancer and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Covering textured concrete ceilings with drywall requires additional framing, is labor intensive and expensive. Both methods require plastering, sanding, and painting.

Do not worry about expensive asbestos popcorn ceiling removal, scraping popcorn ceiling or covering textured ceiling with drywall. There is a third, unique method for dealing with a popcorn ceiling. It allows you to have a level, smooth ceiling finish, safely encapsulates old popcorn and utilizes many modern LED lighting options beautifully and cost-effectively.

Stretch Fabric Ceiling – is the modern way to upgrade your old ceiling and get the most out of your renovation.

If you are still considering a contractor who can scrape your ceiling or cover it with drywall, ask them what warranty they offer against cracking, or pealing or future aging of their finished product – your new ceiling.

Is a painting contractor going to offer you a 15 year warranty or at least 5 years on the ceiling they have just plastered and painted?

After all, you are investing into your property, so you are looking for the best value… When you choose  DESCOR®  Stretch Ceiling system installed by an authorized installer, your investment is instantly covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Installation of DESCOR® ceiling system is a clean process, which takes on average, half the time of traditional methods.

Compare the DESCOR System with the typical Popcorn Ceiling Removal process published by Uncle Drywall – a National Contracting Call Center (a service similar to Home Advisor or Angie’s List):

  • Install perimeter track (mount to the wall or ceiling surface).

  • Install new LED lights, lower all ceiling fixtures to the level of the perimeter track.

  • Install ceiling fabric of your choice: Premium, Acoustic or Translucent. Chose White, Beige, custom color or digitally printed graphic design.

  • Install LED light trim, pendant lights, ceiling fans, smoke detectors and alarms, etc.

  • Clean up and walk-thru.

  • Client is to fill out Lifetime Warranty registration form.

  • Move as much furniture out as possible. Cover all walls and floors with plastic.

  • Wrap all ceiling fixtures such as ceiling fans, vents, smoke alarms with plastic and masking tape or remove them as required. (additional charges may apply).

  • Cover all furniture and accessories with plastic and masking tape.

  • Spray down the popcorn ceiling with water; let moisture penetrate the texture.

  • Repeat the spray process as many times as needed for the popcorn paint to soften up and be ready to scraped down.

  • Wear protective gear and scrape the popcorn ceiling by hand with a spatula.

  • After the popcorn ceiling has been scraped down and dried, sand the entire ceiling surface.

  • After sanding, wipe the ceiling with rags or towels to remove dust from the surface.

  • Prep the ceiling for skim coat: repair ceiling damages areas such as cracks.

  • Skim-coat the entire ceiling area (apply a thin layer of plaster + drywall compound).

  • Let the skim coat cure for approximately 24 hours. Drying times vary greatly depending on humidity and temperature.

  • Sand the entire skim coat again and wipe the ceiling down.

  • Apply water-based primer to the ceiling surface.

  • Apply one coat of paint to the ceiling.

  • Remove all plastic and masking tape. Clean up and remove all debris from property.

  • After the ceilings are complete and debris cleaned up, walk-thru with client.

Unlike Angie’s List and Home Advisor, Popcorn Ceiling Solution does more than just refer you to a local business. Our network of contractors are our own trusted Installation partners, who are trained and are highly experienced installers of stretch ceiling systems.

German Craft of Vancouver, BC is the area’s most experienced installer of stretch fabric ceiling on the residential market. German Craft brings years of experience and innovation to the stretch ceiling industry in Canada. Their product offers include a proprietary backlit LED system and a series of recessed low-profile LED fixtures, which integrate well with DESCOR® stretch ceiling system.

German Craft also installs fiber optic Starry Sky ceilings and custom backlit LED ceiling systems.

They offer professional popcorn ceiling solution in Vancouver, contact us if you have questions or want to receive a free consultation and a quote.

Stretch Ceiling Price in Vancouver: $10.00-$12 per Sq. Ft.

Minimum order: approx. 10’x10’ room: $1,000.00 installed.


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