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Textiles and Environment

Popcorn ceiling scraping produces large amounts of waste: thousands of square feet of plastic sheeting has to be used for covering walls and floors, which contractors send straight to the landfill. If the popcorn paint contains asbestos, the proper removal of such ceiling is incredibly invasive and expensive and consumes enormous amount of energy. Even if the paint did not contain asbestos, after the scraping, the contractor are using large amounts of plaster, compound, primer and paint to finish the ceilings. There’s a better way. All of DESCOR® products are designed to reduce the environmental impact by encapsulating old popcorn ceiling instead of scrapping it. Each textile is made from non-toxic polyester, up to 20% of which comes from recycled materials. These textiles are 100% recyclable and safe to handle without gloves or masks during both installation and deconstruction. All products are ZERO- VOC and do not require additional finishing.All components of the raw materials undergo strict safety control that all of the ingredients and their formulas are harmless to the environment. Our suppliers are the best European producers who value and protect our nature. The result of this cooperation is an ecologically clean product, which will make is reliable investment into your home. Confirmation of the safety of our products are the numerous certificates, based on tests for allocation of harmful substances to the air and water preservation, use of renewable energy. We are proud to get the highest ratings among the strict European standards.

Descor  technology does not require the use of gas heating equipment or a massive consumption of electricity, unlike the PVC stretch ceilings. Energy costs are minimal, and a long service life of the ceiling contributes to the saving of natural resources. For us, the concept of eco-design is the harmonious combination of artificial and natural elements, while protecting our limited natural resources.

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