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Textiles and Environment

Popcorn ceiling scraping produces large amounts of waste: hundreds of Sq. Ft. of plastic sheeting has to be used for covering walls and floors, which contractors send straight to the landfill. There’s a better way. All of the Mainstay wide span textiles are designed to reduce the environmental impact by encapsulating old popcorn ceiling instead of scraping it. Each textile is made from non-toxic polyester, up to 20% of which comes from recycled materials. These textiles are 100% recyclable and handled without gloves or masks during both installation and deconstruction.

Do you have popcorn ceiling at home that seems unsightly? Regardless of the type of texture ceiling you are dealing with, removal and replacement can be a hassle. It is a time-consuming process which also exposes you to the risk of asbestos. Not to mention, you have to bear the cost of removal and asbestos remediation, which isn’t low in most cases.


A more effective and eco-friendly option is stretch ceiling. Rather than removing the ceiling and getting a new one, you can simply opt to have the ceiling covered by our top of the line stretch ceiling fabrics. The end result is that you get a smooth finish on the ceiling which looks pleasing to the eye and don’t have to spend much money. Moreover, using textile stretch ceilings also means you lower your carbon footprint.

For one, opting for stretch ceiling system reduces the transportation required for delivering drywall materials from the factory to your location. Moreover, the labor required is less as well. In addition, there is little waste in producing fabrics, whereas popcorn ceiling removal entails several thousands of square feet of plastic being used for covering the area. Dealing with asbestos is another ballgame, where proper removal and disposal is a hassle and consumes excessive energy.


Stretch Ceiling: A Sustainable Solution

  • No need for additional materials or labor for preparing the ceiling substrate or leveling the ceiling
  • Reduced waste due to minimal use of materials and labor
  • No need for additional framing to cover blemishes on the ceiling, such as pipes, cables etc.
  • Reduced carbon footprint through less transportation required

Customizable and Efficient

The best part about using stretch ceiling fabrics is that the material can be easily customized to suit your needs. You can use from a variety of roll sizes, according to your needs, thereby maintaining efficiency and reducing waste. We often cover multiple projects with the same roll, to ensure no wastage.


Eco-Friendly Material

  • The stretch ceiling systems can be used with reflective insulation (R19 value!), reducing your energy dependency
  • The material is versatile and can be used in any part of your home
  • Our fabrics can be recycled and reused with ease, ensuring they don’t end up in landfills
  • No risk of fumes or emissions as the ceiling fabrics are printed with UV inks, i.e. zero VOC.
  • The stretch fabric system is interchangeable, reducing the hassle involved in upgrading or changing the ceiling

All in all, stretch ceiling textiles are friendly to the environment and at the same time, do a great job of encapsulating your ceiling and covering all that you don’t want to see!

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Who does the installation? – You will be connected with your local ceiling expert (a licensed and insured contractor). They are the ones who will give you the final quote before the installation.

How long does it take it to install and what is the lead time? – On average, it takes between 1-2 days to install up to 300 SF. 2-4 days to install up to 1000 SF. All materials are available for immediate delivery, except custom colors and custom printed graphics.

Will the fabric ceiling sag overtime? – NO. They hold tension and WILL NOT SAG over time.

What’s the warranty? – There is a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

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