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I’m a designer in Manhattan and stretch fabric ceilings provided an excellent solution to the issue of adding recessed lighting in homes where it is not possible to install them within the existing ceiling. A stretch fabric ceiling provides a high-end, finished look while only taking up one inch of ceiling height. The process is clean and simple. There are several lighting styles and options, all at an excellent value.

Working mainly in New York City, the problem of lowering ceilings, or not be allowed to drill into cement slabs for electrical wiring, is very common. Popcorn Ceiling Solution has consistently solved this issue with my client’s raving about the outcome!

Thanks! “

Benjamin Cruz, Interior Designer, New York City

We bought 2 story cape cod style house in shoreline CT few years ago and one of the only things we disliked about the house was the popcorn ceilings throughout the whole residence. Through a friend we received Pavel’s contact info from Popcorn Ceiling Solutions and inquired about the process. He was highly professional throughout all our interactions. His response time was never longer than 24 hours. He drove out from NYC to our home 2.5 hours away to do all the measurements in order to give us the pricing. The pricing was reasonable in terms of making a major improvement to your home that increases your equity and the resale value. We agreed for this project to take place while we were away on vacation. We left the house without moving or covering any furniture and upon return the following week all of the ceilings were complete and the house was in a mint condition. Popcorn ceiling solution did not only get rid of the ugly popcorn ceilings but it also solved our problem with the bad lighting on the 1st floor of the house since we got 4 dimmer ceiling lights in each of the living rooms. When the team had questions throughout the process, Pavel always called me to discuss my options to make sure we get exactly what we want. His attention to details, excellent planning skills, and describing various options with their unique benefits makes me very happy with the results. I always felt comfortable dealing with this team and never felt like I was being sold on extra things that I don’t need. It’s nice to deal with professionals who treat you like family! Great job!

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Marina Gorboul, Homeowner, Old Lyme, CT

“Wonderful installers.  Fast, clean, polite  duo.  Could not have been nicer.  The cost was worth it not to have the dust and ongoing process involved in replastering the scraped ceilings.  I am talking it up with neighbors.”

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Richard McDonough, Homeowner, Los Angeles, CA.

“My husband and I finally bought our own apartment in a high-rise building. Unfortunately, it came with popcorn ceilings. It looked so awful, but as awful as it was, I dreaded the removal process even more, knowing that it is an extremely dirty and messy process.

Thanks to Zar Group, who I found through popcornceilingsolution.com, I was able to have a beautifully finished ceiling installed. The installation only took 2 days and it was well within my remodeling budget. The process was quick and painless.

Even my lighting problem got fixed! Along with popcorn ceilings, my apartment also came with terrible lighting that I didn’t think I could do anything about. Zar Group surface mounted low profile LED lights. It was low cost lighting that fit beautifully in exactly the right places.

Everyone I dealt with was incredibly professional and friendly. I am an extremely satisfied customer and would absolutely recommend both Zar Group and Popcornceilingsolution.com to anyone looking for a quality solution to ceiling or lighting problems.

Thank you, guys!”

Olga, Homeowner, New Jersey

“As a Manhattan apartment owner, my wife and I were faced with the problem of our building foundation slightly settling. This caused small cracks in our ceiling that if scraped and painted over would only reappear over time. Through Popcorn Ceiling Solution, we found Zar Group. When I addressed this issue with Zar Group, I expected their answer to be more scraping paint and repainting, but they actually took the time to listen to us and really assess the situation. As a result, we were given a beautiful, long term solution – that being our stretch fabric ceiling. The ceiling was installed about 4 years ago and fit well within our budget. Installation was quick and did not require us to change out any ceiling fixtures. It has remained beautiful and is completely undetectable as an installed product. It was a wonderful solution and the envy of many building residents.

Additionally, our relationship with the Zar Group was and remains built on a bond of trust that they uphold in terms of expertise, attention to our needs and honesty.”

Andy Gersten, Homeowner, New York City

“Outstanding service. Installation crew was very skilled in installing a stretch fabric ceiling in a basement with many corners and bulkheads. Sleak, new LED lights were professionally installed, replacing all old and ugly light fixtures. Finished product looks incredible!”

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Dan Lawrence, Homeowner, Maryland.

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