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“Finally, a ceiling without limits!” – Popcorn Ceiling Solution

Stretch Fabric Ceilings

Does your outdated ceiling need a makeover?   

The overall look and feel of your room is highly influenced by the quality of your ceiling.  Although popcorn ceilings may improve acoustics, they aren’t the most visually appealing material for your ceilings.  Unfortunately, it can be quite costly (and downright dangerous, when asbestos is involved) to remove and replace old popcorn ceilings.

Stretch Fabric Ceilings are a beautiful choice to replace old popcorn ceilings with a perfectly level surface and seamless and classic finish.

What is a stretch fabric ceiling?  

A stretch fabric system is consisted of two components:

1. A perimeter track, which is mounted to the wall around the perimeter of the installation area.

2. Wide-span architectural fabric, available in white or custom prints, that is tucked into the track, creating a flawless ceiling.

Stretch Fabric Ceiling Materials

All of Popcorn Ceiling Solution’s fabrics are made of 100% knit polyester strands, infused with a water-based PU coating. All of the textiles are manufactured in Europe using state-of-the-art, non-woven technology, making them some of the most durable ceiling and wall coverings in existence.

All of our fabrics are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. This means you can install our stretch fabric ceilings in bathrooms, saunas, hot yoga studios, swimming pools, or moist basements.

Our stretch ceilings are durable and will not crack, sag or peel, like plaster or paint, offering a great return on investment.   The fabric will resist moisture and stay as good as new, even when exposed to moist and hot environments.   The longevity of the fabric and the strength of the perimeter track are the reasons our stretch fabric ceilings come with a lifetime residential warranty.

Fabric & Track Features:

  • Composed of knitted polyester strands that are coated with a water-based polyurethane.

  • There are no PVCs or heavy metals in the composition of fabric.  Zero VOC.

  • The fabric rolls come in widths of 10’2″ and 16’4″, with 164 linear feet on each roll. This means that monolithic ceilings can be created. Also, the rolls widths eliminate the need for a precise template of the room layout prior to installation.

  • The system pairs with tensioned clips that line the perimeter of the area, and the fabric is “tucked” into the clips to create and hold tension.

  • Popcorn Ceiling Solution fabric system doesn’t require heating up the room. Stretch Fabric System is installed at standard room temperature, with no special requirements, a “cold install”.

  • There is absolutely no off-gassing from our fabrics.

  • Because the fabric is 100% polyester the waste can be recycled. This greatly reduces clean up time and effort.

  • Because of the method of knitting the fabric and its coating are guaranteed against tearing and ripping.

  • Our wide-span fabrics are Class A fire rated (ASTM E84 testing)

Descor® Premium and Descor® Acoustic are the top of the line fabrics of the Descor® system.   MA200 (Acoustic) and MT50 (Translucent) fabrics are our household brands, which are also made in Germany, out of the highest quality materials. FR-tested,  Öko-Tex certificated, VOC-tested and CE-certificated.

Acoustic Fabrics have micro-perforations which allow sound waves to travel through the material and into the sound absorbent panel.  This makes stretch fabric ceilings a very popular acoustic solution, around the world, when it comes to sound-treating thousands of square feet of ceiling or wall surfaces.

Translucent Fabrics allow part of the light to pass through the material, turning into a luminescent membrane when backlit by LED light sources.  Backlit ceilings and walls have become a contemporary design solution for creating ambient lighting.


If you are ready to upgrade the look, lighting, and/or acoustics of your home, we’re happy to provide you a free consultation call to discuss the details of your project.
Click here  to learn more about Stretch Ceiling Installation.


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