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“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”- Jamie Notter

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Alternative

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s.  But, most current homeowners would agree that they are outdated, unsightly, and have no place in a modern household.

The actual removal of popcorn ceilings is quite messy and disruptive to the environment.  For those with allergies, it can be a real nightmare.  And, if asbestos is present in the ceiling materials … the process becomes highly toxic as cancer-causing materials are released into the air upon removal.

We offer cost-effective, modern, design-friendly solutions in dealing with popcorn ceilings and related issues. We provide a range of stretch ceiling products to cover old popcorn paint and create a flawless and uniform surface.

One of the endearing qualities of popcorn ceilings is they actually offer value in their acoustic properties.  The textured character of popcorn ceiling absorbs sound waves that otherwise reflect off flat surfaces creating noise. You’ll be happy to know that by installing stretch fabric ceilings, you enhance the acoustics of the room.  With Popcorn Ceiling Solution, you preserve the acoustic property of the textured popcorn ceiling by simply covering it with acoustic stretch fabric.

You can further enhance the quality of an acoustic ceiling by investing in acoustic absorption panels. This will offer a major advantage, especially if you live in a residential area. Soundproofing panels aren’t visually appealing, but this is where stretch ceiling fabric can save the day. You can enjoy all the soundproofing benefits without compromising on the look and feel of your room.

Modern popcorn ceilings are made from a variety of fibrous, sound-absorbing materials like foam, wood, or cork. However, even these more modern popcorn ceilings can present some issues, especially if they have been in use a long time. Stretch ceiling can cover the popcorn paint and ensure a smooth finish. It will modernize your space and enhancing the appearance of the ceiling by doing away with a dated style.

Modernize Your Look

Want to up-level your design or hide unsightly ceiling issues.  Our beautiful stretch fabric ceilings are a versatile, cost-effective way to easily cover any blemishes or issues.  You can cover wiring in unfinished basements, uneven concrete slab, and more. You can even use stretch fabric ceilings to add desired lighting fixtures. Solve your ceiling issues while still creating a smooth and flat surface across the entire ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Solution is the perfect solution to encapsulate outdated popcorn ceilings, modernize your home, and enhance your acoustics.

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