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Why choose us?

We offer you a beautiful and innovative solution to your ceiling woes.

New York City and nearby towns in New Jersey have thousands of buildings with popcorn ceilings, also known as textured ceilings.

Many of those buildings were built before 1980, which means they are highly likely to have asbestos in their paint. There are millions of square feet of textured ceilings in this area and only 2 well-known solutions for getting rid of popcorn ceiling:

1.  Cover popcorn ceiling with drywall, tape and paint it.

2.  Scrape popcorn ceiling paint, skim-coat and paint the ceiling.

There are well-known issues with these two methods. Asbestos in popcorn ceilings compounds the cost of removing the ceiling paint. The cost of asbestos remediation in New York and New Jersey can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The owners have to vacate the apartment, remove all furniture, go through lengthy popcorn removal and asbestos testing process and inspection approval.

Some of our customers have reported that they postponed an entire apartment renovation for many years due to extremely high cost to remove popcorn ceiling with asbestos.

Even if your ceiling is asbestos-free, the process is still extremely invasive and messy. Popcorn Ceiling removal involves moving all the furniture and covering all the walls, floors and cabinets. Most textured ceilings have to be sprayed before they can be scrapped. Plastering and skim coating also require time for each coat to dry before getting sanded, which produces massive amounts of dust.

Removing popcorn ceiling also cancels the acoustic benefit of the textured paint, which was designed as an inexpensive sound treatment. Thus, covering or scraping textured ceiling will only contribute to the airborne noise issue in your apartment or house.

Lastly, but most importantly, both methods (scraping and covering popcorn ceiling with drywall) do absolutely nothing to improve your overhead lighting situation in your apartment. It is challenging to add lighting into the concrete ceiling: it requires either dropping the ceiling 4”-6” or channeling into the concrete slab, which is prohibited in most buildings because it weakens the slab. Most apartments with concrete textured ceilings are stuck with the original lighting layout since the day the building was built.

Advantages of Stretch Fabric Ceiling

Descor® Ceiling System can be considered one of the most important investments you can make. This architectural ceiling system is a solution, which removes major limitations of the building’s pre-existing condition. Our customers, their designers, and architects have high standards for craftsmanship, functionality, high value and excellent customer service.

Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cleanest installation and least invasive solution.

  • Time-saving: takes ½ the time compared to traditional methods.

  • Cost saving: safely encapsulates asbestos popcorn ceiling.

  • Offers lighting possibilities for apartments with concrete ceilings.

  • Seamless, smooth finish, comparable to drywall.

  • All fabrics are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. Recommended for bathrooms, saunas, hot yoga studios, swimming pools, or moist basements

  • Your investment is protected by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Popcorn Ceiling Solution several installation partners in the New York area. We have been installing stretch fabric ceilings in New York and across North America since 2006.  Our professional installers are experienced carpenters as well skilled artists of the trade.

You can forever avoid popcorn ceiling scraping, popcorn ceiling repair, and the most costly asbestos popcorn ceiling remediation if you contact us right now.

We will also work with your architect and designer to integrate modern LED lighting options within the Stretch Fabric Ceiling System. Shop drawings and mockups are available upon request.

Stretch Ceiling Price in New York starts at: $6 per Sq. Ft. (for 1,000 + square feet ceiling)

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