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Why choose us?

We offer you an innovative solution to your ceiling problems.

There are hundreds of thousands of houses, condominiums and apartments in Los Angeles, CA, which have popcorn ceilings. An equally large number of homes encounter traditional ceiling problems, such as cracked and uneven (unlevel, pitched) ceiling. The traditional methods of dealing with these issues involve a messy job that includes framing scraping, plastering and painting.

Owners are putting popcorn ceiling removal off because the project entails moving furniture out and basically moving out from the apartment for a couple of weeks.

And, for those who do decide to deal with the mess and inconvenience, what is the outcome? The ceiling is framed, drywall is installed and plastered and the ceiling is painted, and at best, you get a 1-year warranty against cracking and peeling.

Most of our customers in Los Angeles are new homeowners or those who decided to upgrade the value of their property. They prefer stretch ceiling because it is a modern solution, which delivers unbeatable value and unique design opportunities with a Lifetime Warranty.

Advantages of Stretch Fabric Ceiling

Sometimes, we have to solve a technical or architectural defect in the apartment or home. Most common building flaws, which are successfully solved by stretch fabric ceilings, include uneven, crooked, and unleveled ceilings. Stretch ceiling systems are the most cost-effective solution for dealing with these problems.

The ceiling membrane is stretched across the entire area of the ceiling and creates a perfectly flat, even, monolithic surface. Moreover, there is no loss of ceiling height. The width of our mounting profile is only 1”.

Another common issue stretch systems solve is giving you an opportunity to install additional lighting in the apartments with concrete ceiling slabs. Usually, channeling and drilling into the slab to hide the wiring is prohibited in most buildings because this may weaken the slab. Even if this is allowed, it makes for an expensive electrical job. It’s a lot easier to run the wires across the ceiling surface as needed, without any need of burying them into the concrete.

LED pot lights are now a must have in any modern dwelling. They are super energy-efficient and add elegant lighting to any interior. Even recess lights can be used on concrete slabs with a stretch ceiling.

When all the wiring is done, the low-profile LED recess lights are attached to the concrete substrate and the stretch fabric ceiling is stretched directly beneath, only 1” below the old ceiling.

You can also gain acoustic benefits by investing in acoustic fabric for any of these applications, which can be coupled with sound absorbent or soundproofing panels, creating a highly effective acoustic ceiling, which would absorb up to 85% of the sound. Our fabrics were tested in the Acoustic Labs and are verified to have one of the highest acoustic ratings on the market: 0.85 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient).

As an icing on the cake, please add our Lifetime Warranty on top all of these benefits and you can imagine why our customers consider themselves smart investors and innovators. They didn’t follow the crowd to do what everyone have been doing for over 50 years. They did their research, checked our references, sometimes visited our completed projects to see for themselves and met with our existing customers. We invite you do the same!

We have stretch ceiling experts ready to help you with your ceiling project in any part of Los Angeles. Installations are done professionally by highly experienced craftsmen, who have handled stretch ceilings for over a decade. Our installers are so good, they have developed their own installation techniques, which have became their trade secrets, known only by those who have been committed and innovative craftsmen.

To connect with one of our stretch fabric ceiling installers in Los Angeles, all you have to do is to fill out the contact form and briefly describe your project.

Stretch Ceiling Prices in Los Angeles, CA start at $6 per Sq. Ft

We look forward to helping you with your ceiling project!


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