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Digital Printing

Stretch fabric ceilings and walls are opportunities for interior design.
Just imagine replacing an old ugly popcorn ceiling with modern digital art!


Mainstay wide-span warp knit fabrics are 100% polyester architectural textiles. Fabrics come in 10’2” up 16’4” widths and are perfect media for high-resolution digitally printed graphics. The technology we use for stretch ceiling fabrics is UV-cured printing. UV-print is one of the most environmentally friendly printing options available today.


We offer three kinds of printed ceilings and walls. Their application and function is determined by the choice of fabric:



Mainstay Premium textileis a wide-span printable canvascommonly used for airtight asbestos popcorn ceiling encapsulation. A print on Premium Textile has a satin finish, very similar to a high-resolution printed photograph on canvas you can find in an art store. Graphics printed on the Premium Mainstay Textiles can be front-lit to highlight the art and accent a ceiling or a wall as an interior design feature.



Mainstay Acoustic textiles allow the sound waves to travel though the fabric.
Used with an acoustic absorbent or soundproofing backer, digitally printed Mainstay Acoustic ceilings and walls can achieve an acoustic rating up to 0.9 NRC or soundproofing insulation value of Rw = 56 dB.
Printed Acoustic ceilings and walls are more commonly usedon commercial projects to improve room acoustics because they reduce reverberation time (echo) and increase speech intelligibility in offices, restaurants, conference and boardrooms. Enhance the visual and acoustic experiencewith Mainstay Acoustic printed ceilings!



Mainstay Translucent textiles allow a portion of the light (50% – 70%) to pass through the fabric. Digitally printed art on translucent textiles can be illuminated by LED light sources behind the fabric, turning it into a fine art installation.

This system is the only commercially available backlit technology in the world that can be illuminated seamlessly up to 16 feet wide.


Custom printed colors & color matching is available for all kinds of fabrics.
We produce test prints for your review prior to the final production. Digital mockups are also available upon request. We can use your own graphics or photographs if they are at least 75 dpi in their original format and can be used for wide-format print without pixilation. Our graphic designers can review your digital art and enhance the graphics if possible.

Choose from our ever-expanding digital design library where you can find hundreds of royalty-free high resolution artwork for your next project. The creative process of customizing the art to the size and format of your printed project, producingand reviewing test prints can take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks.


Mainstay printed architectural fabrics have been installed across North America in hotels, restaurants, convention centers, private houses, retail outlets, apartments, showrooms, conference rooms, all kinds of offices, night clubs, bars and malls. Whatever the size of your project, we want to hear from you!

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Who does the installation? – You will be connected with your local ceiling expert (a licensed and insured contractor). They are the ones who will give you the final quote before the installation.

How long does it take it to install and what is the lead time? – On average, it takes between 1-2 days to install up to 300 SF. 2-4 days to install up to 1000 SF. All materials are available for immediate delivery, except custom colors and custom printed graphics.

Will the fabric ceiling sag overtime? – NO. They hold tension and WILL NOT SAG over time.

What’s the warranty? – There is a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

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