Stretch Сeiling Shapes


Flat plane The classic shape of a stretch ceiling is a flat plane which can be used both horizontally or at an angle. The stretch ceiling will look perfectly smooth and flat, which is a solution to problems that involve leveling the existing base ceiling or concealing any possible irregularities, cracks or other structural elements [...]

Seams in Stretch Fabric Ceilings


How do you imagine a perfect ceiling?  Is it level, smooth and monolithic? Most homeowners and decorators prefer their ceilings as smooth and level as possible. Stretch Ceilings are often described as seamless or monolithic surfaces. Stretch Ceiling (Non-PVC) Fabrics come in rolls 6’,  10’2”, 16’4” or 16’8” wide. [...]

Backlit Stretch Ceilings


Stretch ceilings are the ONLY known building materials, which can be backlit seamlessly over large areas. There are many materials, which can give you a nice, pretty surface.   All of those materials require framing and support.  Drywall needs to be screwed in every 6-12”, suspended ceiling requires a grid every 3-4 feet, and any [...]

Two Kinds of Stretch Ceilings


There are two types of Stretch Ceilings used to replace popcorn ceiling removal: Stretch Fabric Ceiling and Stretch PVC Ceiling.  In this article, I will describe how they are the same and what makes them different. I was one of the first residential contractors in New Jersey and New York who started installing stretch ceilings [...]

How to Install a Stretch Ceiling System with LED Recessed Lights (Over Popcorn Ceiling)


We get a lot of questions asking how we use LED recessed lights (aka Pot Lights) in a stretch ceiling installation and how it affects the ceiling height. This article will address some of those questions. Popcorn ceiling was developed and widely used long before LEDs came onto the market. So, how can you install [...]

How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings


Popcorn ceilings, aka textured or acoustic ceilings, were popular in 1970’s and 80’s. Now, with the era of modernization and advent of technology, the choices have changed and so have the tastes. (Today, the consensus is that popcorn ceilings are not so pleasant to look at). If you’re ready to get rid of your old-fashioned [...]

Interview with Andrey S., Cityceilings, LLC. – New York & New Jersey stretch ceiling installer.


Cityceilings recently completed a "popcorn ceiling" job in Staten Island, NY. I spoke with the company representative about the details of the stretch ceiling installation at 145 Lincoln ave, Staten Island, NY- see it on the Google Map. V: Andrey, how long have you been installing stretch ceilings? A: About 2 years. V: How easy [...]


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