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“One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor”– Denis Waitley

Noise Pollution Mitigation

Take control of noise pollution in your home or office with our noise mitigation services.

  • Are you dealing with noise pollution in your house or at the office?

  • Do you have a recurring noise complaint with a noisy neighbor?

  • Do you wish you could reduce the noise in the room when a group of people gets together?

If so …. then you are like one of millions of Americans suffering from Soundanitis and will really enjoy our noise mitigation services..

What is this noise pollution and where does it get it’s invisible powers?

Noise pollution is an excessive level of noise that disturbs your peace and harms your life’s balance.

Noise pollution sources can be located outdoors or indoors.  Examples of outdoor noise pollution are airplanes, railroads, construction activity etc, also known as environmental noise.

Indoor noise pollution can come from noisy neighbors, equipment, music, construction activity and even fun human activities such as parties. It’s hearing footsteps when someone is walking on the floor above, or sound traveling from the neighbors TV on the other side of your bedroom wall.

Or, maybe you don’t have this issue, but perhaps YOU are the noisy neighbor? Do you want to prevent others from being disturbed by the effects of your elevated sound levels.  Are you looking for a sound treatment for you home studio?  Perhaps you want the neighbors to stop complaining about the noise from your apartment.

Your home is your sacred space. Noise pollution disturbances can cause undue stress and affect your quality of living.  We can help!

Our professional noise abatement services include:

  • Acoustic Consulting (acoustic analytics and simulation)

  • Soundproofing

  • Sound absorption

  • Product Recommendations

  • Design and Installation of Acoustic Treatments

There can be many reasons why you want a professional opinion on this. The best part is: THE CONSULTATION IS FREE!

Acoustic project analytics and simulation fees vary between $200 and $500 depending on the number of rooms and complexity.

We work with the acoustic tech support team from JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels, located in Portugal.  If you contact us to help you resolve your acoustic issues, we will be working very closely with the team in Portugal to analyze, simulate and make recommendation for your noise mitigation.

Aside from providing acoustic consulting services, JOCAVI® is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of acoustic panels, soundproofing materials and wide variety of professional acoustic treatments and music accessories.   You can be sure that your noise issue will be reviewed by professionals who are highly experienced in helping improve acoustics for thousands of clients around the world, ranging from small home studios to the largest arenas.

It is usually after the build and after the move-in, residents learn about the noise issues:

Have you experienced noise and echo-y living rooms, built as elegant and modern echo-chambers?  Have you seen those contemporary dwellings with floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views, but when more than a few people gather and start talking, it gets noisy and loud and everyone wants to leave?

The acoustics in such rooms is described to have low speech intelligibility.  It is very hard to have conversations in such environments because of the interfering noise from the live sound being reflected from all of those hard and polished surfaces.  It is especially difficult to entertain people without everyone getting a headache because those beautiful modern finishes are highly reflective for the soundwaves and also often parallel to each other.  For example, if the ceiling is parallel to the floor, there will be more “standing” waves there, especially if the floor is concrete, tile or wood and ceiling is regular drywall or, even worse, metal tin tiles.

Absorption materials are designed as tiny acoustic tunnels.  They are usually porous and/or microperforated, have certain thickness ½”-2”.  They are build to absorb the sound wave (completely or partially) and reduce the reverberation time.

Click here to learn more about Stretch Fabric Ceilings.


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