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“Listen to the sound of silence” – Paul Simon

Solutions for Noise Pollution
Sound Treatments for Modern Day Living.

Popcorn ceiling were originally created as a cheap acoustic solution to improve the sound quality in homes.

Also known as “acoustic ceiling,” this treatment was most popular during the 1980s. Homeowners across America eagerly sought out contractors to get their ceilings done with this special type of ceiling treatment either sprayed or painted on.

In modern times, not so much. The look of a popcorn is  quite outdated and homeowners are looking for cost-effective ways to update the look of their home.

Here’s the problem: If you scrape textured ceiling, or cover it with drywall, you will lose the acoustical properties of the ceiling.

The solution: Encapsulating your popcorn ceiling with a wide-span acoustic textile allows you to not only keep the original acoustic properties of your ceiling, but actually enhance them!

Sound Treatments

  • Stretch fabric ceilings have emerged as a viable alternative to conventional popcorn ceilings.

    While they are durable and sturdy, popcorn ceilings detract from the visual appeal of a room. The good news is this: rather than bearing the hassle and expense of having the popcorn ceiling removed, there is now another option.

  • You can encapsulate your outdated popcorn ceiling by installing a stretch fabric ceiling – a gorgeous, modern look with virtually no mess or disruption of living space, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional popcorn ceiling replacement options.

    A stretch fabric ceiling is perfect for covering the blemishes on your ceiling and, at the same time, reducing the risk of asbestos exposure, which is prevalent in popcorn ceiling.

  • Stretch ceiling fabrics also enhance the acoustic design of any setting. The acoustic stretch fabric system not only absorbs the reflecting sound waves in the rooms where it is installed, reducing the echo and the noise level, but it can also act as the sound barrier, reducing the amount of sound transmitted to adjacent areas through ceilings and walls.

    You can embellish the acoustic benefits of the stretch fabric ceiling by adding certain acoustic treatments. Through this process, sound absorbing and/or soundproofing materials are added to the stretch ceiling fabric, which makes it even more conducive to providing the acoustic environment you are looking for. Using these materials, you can create a cushion of air inside the room that not only improves the acoustic properties of the room but also enhances the soundproof rating of the walls and ceilings it is applied to.

    These acoustic treatments can be rendered both vertically and horizontally. This is why they prove effective for improving the acoustic properties of the room. By choosing horizontal acoustic insulation, you can effectively block the sound waves entering the room through the ceiling, reducing the level of external noise in the room (such as air ducts, machinery being operated on the floors above and the people residing or working above you produce external noise).


Perhaps the biggest advantage of popcorn ceilings being covered by a stretch ceiling is that it promotes better sound-dampening in your rooms. It reduces noise entering into your home from the outside world. Encapsulating your popcorn ceiling with an acoustic textile also allows you to upgrade the original acoustic properties of your ceiling.

Unlike the textured surface of popcorn ceiling, Stretch Fabric Ceilings are light reflective, allowing more brightness to reflect back into the room. This eliminates the need to install extra lighting while also saving money on utilities. Based on the level of fire resistance, humidity resistance, and reflectivity, you have a wide variety of panels to choose from.

Stretch fabric ceilings are very flexible. You can have them installed in every room of your home. They are easy to clean and are impact resistant. Compared to traditional ceilings, stretch fabric can easily be removed and replaced.

Installing stretch ceilings allows homeowners to level their ceilings without any additional cost or labor. No matter how uneven your old ceiling is, you can have a perfectly level and smooth ceiling surface with a stretch fabric system.

Stretch ceilings come with virtually unlimited design possibilities. Custom colors are available on demand to match any color. Custom high definition printing can bring digital imagery to life and turn your ceiling into a unique piece of art. LED backlighting can turn your stretch ceiling into a luminescent art installation which glows in every imaginable color or light show pattern and can be controlled by a remote control, your cell phone or iPad.

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