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Popcorn ceiling was originally created as a cheap acoustic solution. If you scrape textured ceiling, or cover it with drywall, you will lose the acoustical properties of the ceiling. Encapsulating your popcorn ceiling with a Mainstay Acoustic textile allows you to not only keep the original acoustic properties of your ceiling, but actually enhance them!

Popcorn ceiling was originally created as a cheap acoustic solution. It is a special type of ceiling treatment, which can either be sprayed on or painted. Also popularly known as “acoustic ceiling”, this type of treatment was most popular during the 1980s. Homeowners across America eagerly sought out contractors to get their ceilings done.acoustic-3-panels-only

Popcorn ceilings have recently begun regaining their fame in the home market. The appearance of this ceiling resembles that of cottage cheese. Where the older forms used in the past contained dangerous asbestos, newer popcorn ceilings are free off all harmful elements but offer better noise reduction properties as compared to flat drywall ceilings.

Modern popcorn ceilings are made from a variety of fibrous, sound-absorbing materials like foam, wood, or cork. However, popcorn ceilings do present some issues, particularly if they have been in use a long time. Using stretch ceiling, you can cover the ceiling and ensure a smooth finish, which will also enhance the appearance of the ceiling significantly. The monolithic surface of the stretch ceilings can easily cover any blemishes or issues with the ceiling.acoustic-6

Also called “lay-in” ceiling, which is cost-effective, durable, and versatile, popcorn ceilings offer a major benefit of hiding unsightly wiring, plumbing, and ductwork, without limiting access to it. At the same time, you can use stretch ceilings to cover any unsightly ceiling fixtures. This ensures you get a smooth and flat surface across the entire ceiling.

Moreover, you can enhance the functionality of an acoustic ceiling with acoustic absorption panel. Furthermore, you can invest in soundproof panels for your ceiling. This will offer a major advantage, especially if you live in a residential area. That being said, soundproofing panels aren’t visually appealing, but this is where stretch ceiling fabric can save the day. You enjoy all the soundproofing benefits without compromising on the look and feel of your room.acoustic-9

Having invested a considerable sum of money in buying the home of your dreams, the last thing you would want is to ruin the appearance of your rooms with popcorn ceiling. Efficient as it may be, popcorn ceilings aren’t attractive to look at, particularly if your home is spacious and designed in a modern way. However, removing the ceiling material would expose you to the risk of asbestos and you will also have to give up on the acoustic benefits of popcorn ceilings.

This is where stretch ceiling fabrics can help you cover the ceiling completely, ensuring a seamless and smooth surface. You can retain a popcorn ceiling and enjoy all the benefits it offers, but at the same time, have a ceiling that looks smooth and has a great finish.acoustic-8

• Highly Light Reflective – Popcorn ceilings as well as stretch ceilings are light reflective, allowing more brightness to reflect back into the room. This eliminates the need to install extra lighting, while also saving money in utility costs. Based on the level of fire resistance, humidity resistance, and reflectivity, you have a wide variety of panel choices available.

• Flexible – Popcorn ceilings as well as stretch fabric ceilings are very flexible. You can have them installed in every room of your home. They are easily to clean and are impact resistant. Compared to traditional counterparts, stretch fabric ceilings can even be easily removed and replaced.acoustic-13

• Sound-Deadening – Perhaps the biggest advantage of popcorn ceilings being covered by a stretch ceilngs is that it promotes better sound-dampening in your rooms. It reduces noise from the outside world from entering into your home. Encapsulating your popcorn ceiling with a Mainstay Acoustic textile also allows you to not only keep the original acoustic properties of your ceiling, but also actually enhance them!

• Level Ceilings – Installing stretch ceilings allows homeowners level their ceilings without any additional cost or labor. No matter how uneven or unleveled your old ceiling is, you can have a perfectly level and smooth ceiling surface.

• Design – Stretch ceilings come with almost unlimited design possibilities. Custom colors are available on demand to match any color. Custom high definition printing can bring digital imagery to life and turn your ceiling into a unique art piece. Lastly, LED backlighting, can turn your stretch ceiling into a luminescent art installation, which glows in every imaginable color or light show pattern, controlled by a remote control, your cell phone or iPad.

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Who does the installation? – You will be connected with your local ceiling expert (a licensed and insured contractor). They are the ones who will give you the final quote before the installation.

How long does it take it to install and what is the lead time? – On average, it takes between 1-2 days to install up to 300 SF. 2-4 days to install up to 1000 SF. All materials are available for immediate delivery, except custom colors and custom printed graphics.

Will the fabric ceiling sag overtime? – NO. They hold tension and WILL NOT SAG over time.

What’s the warranty? – There is a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

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