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Stretch Fabric Ceilings

It's a no-mess Popcorn Ceiling Solution, offering additional lighting options, improved acoustics and a lifetime guarantee!

Product Advantages

Stretch Ceiling vs. Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Stretch Ceiling System

Cover popcorn ceilings with Mainstay Premium textiles, which offer a seamless smooth finish, comparable to drywall. All of our fabrics are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. You can install our stretch fabric ceilings in bathrooms, saunas, hot yoga studios, swimming pools, or moist basements. Mainstay Textiles will not crack, sag or peal, like plaster or paint. Stretch ceiling materials are available for next day delivery in New York and New Jersey.

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We are not:

  • – Popcorn Ceiling Repair service
  • – Textured Ceiling Removal service
  • – Ceiling Repair or Removal tool supplier
  • – acoustical ceiling removal service
  • – painting popcorn ceiling contractor
  • – popcorn ceiling scraper
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Lifetime Warranty!

Have you asked your painter or drywall contractor what kind of warranty they offer for popcorn ceiling removal or textured ceiling repair? Popcorn Ceiling Solution is now offering a lifetime warranty! Our stretch fabric ceiling system will never crack, peel, sag or tear. We understand that every renovation is an investment. We want to help you protect your investment by offering you a lifetime guarantee on our maintenance-free stretch fabric ceiling system.

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Textiles and Environment

Popcorn ceiling scraping produces large amounts of waste: hundreds of Sq. Ft. of plastic sheeting has to be used for covering walls and floors, which contractors send straight to the landfill. There’s a better way. All of the Mainstay wide span textiles are designed to reduce the environmental impact by encapsulating old popcorn ceiling instead of scraping it. Each textile is made from non-toxic polyester, up to 20% of which comes from recycled materials. These textiles are 100% recyclable and handled without gloves or masks during both installation and deconstruction.

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Popcorn ceiling was originally created as a cheap acoustic solution. If you scrape textured ceiling, or cover it with drywall, you will lose the acoustical properties of the ceiling. Encapsulating your popcorn ceiling with a Mainstay Acoustic textile allows you to not only keep the original acoustic properties of your ceiling, but actually enhance them!

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Lighting and Height!

Textured ceiling was a low-budget finish, which was used to hide building defects. Most properties with low budget construction and popcorn ceilings also had poor overhead lighting. This is especially relevant for apartments and condos with concrete ceiling slabs painted with aging textured acoustic paint. Do you need a lighting upgrade? Installing a wide span fabric system allows homeowners and designers the unique opportunity to install in-ceiling, low profile LED lights, or any kind of pendant lighting any where in the ceiling. The installation of our wide span fabric ceiling system only requires 1″ of ceiling height. Read more about lighting in our Blog.

About us

We offer you an innovative solution to your ceiling problems.

Popcorn Ceiling Solution provides a range of solutions for all your ceiling problems. Cover the blemishes on your ceiling with stretch ceiling fabrics and restore a smooth and seamless finish to your ceiling. We enable you to enjoy the acoustic benefits of popcorn ceilings without having to compromise on the look and feel of your ceiling. In other words, we can help you enhance the value of your property, because ceilings do affect the price at which you can sell your home.

All this is possible with the solutions we offer at Popcorn Ceiling Solution. You don’t need to remove, renovate, or even invest in any improvements to enhance the visual appeal of your ceilings. And that is not the only reason you should consider working with us. Here are a few other benefits you can gain from our innovative stretch ceiling products:

Say No to Asbestos!

Featuring industry selected wide-span fabrics by the industry-leading brand – Mainstay Materials. Don’t overpay for Asbestos remediation and removal. Encapsulate your old ceiling with the newest technology. Let us help you take care of yourself, your family, and your friends by offering a safe alternative to popcorn ceiling removal.

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A Revolutionary Technology!

Mainstay Textiles is an architectural fabric system designed to cover your textured or popcorn ceiling without the pain of undergoing a stressful and time-consuming removal process. This is a revolutionary popcorn ceiling removal alternative!

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The Ideal Solution for You

Popcorn Ceiling Solution is the first to create a network of independent installers to deliver this innovative popcorn ceiling removal alternative to your front door. We’ve taken a commercial industry secret and made it available to you! Popcorn Ceiling Solution offers valued clients an acoustic stretch fabric ceiling system that will open a whole new world of home design possibilities.

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Our Latest Works

Take a look at some of our recent implemented solutions!


My husband and I finally bought our own apartment in a high-rise building. Unfortunately, it came with popcorn ceilings. It looked so awful, but as awful as it was, I dreaded the removal process even more, knowing that it is an extremely dirty and messy process.

Thanks to Zar Group, who I found through popcornceilingsolution.com, I was able to have a beautifully finished ceiling installed. The installation only took 2 days and it was well within my remodeling budget. The process was quick and painless.

Even my lighting problem got fixed! Along with popcorn ceilings, my apartment also came with terrible lighting that I didn’t think I could do anything about. Zar Group surface mounted low profile LED lights. It was low cost lighting that fit beautifully in exactly the right places.

Everyone I dealt with was incredibly professional and friendly. I am an extremely satisfied customer and would absolutely recommend both Zar Group and Popcornceilingsolution.com to anyone looking for a quality solution to ceiling or lighting problems.

Thank you, guys!

Olga Kurts

As a Manhattan apartment owner, my wife and I were faced with the problem of our building foundation slightly settling. This caused small cracks in our ceiling that if scraped and painted over would only reappear over time. Through Popcorn Ceiling Solution, we found Zar Group. When I addressed this issue with Zar Group, I expected their answer to be more scraping paint and repainting, but they actually took the time to listen to us and really assess the situation. As a result, we were given a beautiful, long term solution – that being our stretch fabric ceiling. The ceiling was installed about 4 years ago and fit well within our budget. Installation was quick and did not require us to change out any ceiling fixtures. It has remained beautiful and is completely undetectable as an installed product. It was a wonderful solution and the envy of many building residents.

Additionally, our relationship with the Zar Group was and remains built on a bond of trust that they uphold in terms of expertise, attention to our needs and


Andy Gersten

I’m a designer in Manhattan and stretch fabric ceilings provided an excellent solution to the issue of adding recessed lighting in homes where it is not possible to install them within the existing ceiling. A stretch fabric ceiling provides a high-end, finished look while only taking up one inch of ceiling height. The process is clean and simple. There are several lighting styles and options, all at an excellent value.

Working mainly in New York City, the problem of lowering ceilings, or not be allowed to drill into cement slabs for electrical wiring, is very common. Popcorn Ceiling Solution has consistently solved this issue with my client’s raving about the outcome!


Benjamin Cruz

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Who does the installation? – You will be connected with your local ceiling expert (a licensed and insured contractor). They are the ones who will give you the final quote before the installation.

How long does it take it to install and what is the lead time? – On average, it takes between 1-2 days to install up to 300 SF. 2-4 days to install up to 1000 SF. All materials are available for immediate delivery, except custom colors and custom printed graphics.

Will the fabric ceiling sag overtime? – NO. They hold tension and WILL NOT SAG over time.

What’s the warranty? – There is a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

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